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Recover instrumenos


Jose Cañal and Benji Sánchez are the members ofrecover. Together they have been playing for more than 15 years and have extensive experience as live music musicians  for weddings and all kinds of events.


The voice ofrecoveris Jose, a singer and guitarist who accumulates 200,000 followers on YouTube and, among other projects, is an actor and director of musical dubbing. He has worked on the Spanish and Catalan versions of numerous films and animated series such asCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, Brother Bear, Trolls, Frozeneither Teen Titans.He has also collaborated with other artists as a singer and producer.


the other side ofrecoverIt's Benji, licensed by theTrinity College London, is a live pianist and music teacher. He has a lot of experience playing on stages of all kinds, solo, in a group or accompanying other artists, with a very extensive repertoire.

Together they are very versatile and can be adapted to any event.recoverIt is not a common duet, in their videos you will be able to appreciate the richness that they bring to their live show with a wide range of both acoustic and electronic instruments. You see two musicians and you hear a whole band.


His repertoire has a very current sound, ranging from artists from the 80s to more contemporary musicians.


If you are looking for a special and qualitative touch with which to surprise as hosts, Recover is a safe bet. 

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